The School of Life, the social enterprise we've written about before that hopes to redefine the self-help industry, recently launched a new blog.  The release comes on the 150th anniversary of the first Self-Help book by Samuel Smiles. The School of Life strives to draw on the rich diversity of cultural histories to offer useful ways of overcoming common anxieties.

The blog follows this goal with bite sized posts on topics such as Finding the Right Career, Surviving Embarrassment and Trusting Other People.  Each article draws heavily from the history of thought on each topic and engage the reader without giving a step by step answer.  The blog contributors include a selection of psychotherapists, philosophers and writers.  It's certainly an interesting approach to self-help and they stand delightfully out from other self-help solutions.  If you saw their blog on a bookshelf it would look something like “Thinking for the Cultured Human” next to a rack full of “Life for Dummies” books.

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