YouTube Blogger On Selling Out

YouTube Blogger On Selling Out
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 20 july 2009

There’s a passionate video response by YouTube blogger Kristina Horner about working with brands. Motivated by some criticism of her work with Ford Fiesta, she argues that for both bloggers and brands to be successful they need to accept that traditional advertising is not-effective (and even rejected) and that publishers like Kristina can find a win-win situation where a brand supports their work without compromise.

If you work in advertising and marketing and are trying to understand the social media space, this video is a must watch. Kudos to the team at Undercurrent who orchestrated the Ford Fiesta campaign by getting a response that supports the work they do there. Here’s the original piece Kristina created as part of the campaign.

And this was the response when she found out she won a car for 6 months:


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