10 Examples Of Interesting Cut-Out Designs

10 Examples Of Interesting Cut-Out Designs
Jim Moscater
  • 19 august 2009

1. “Out Of The Box”- Bangalore, India

This house, designed by Indian architectural firm Cadence, employs cast-concrete to create external walls which are adorned with perforations.

bangalore house 2

2. “The Origami” Residential Tower- Dubai, UAE

This 26 story tower, conceptualized by Kann Finch and due for completion in 2010, forgoes standard rectangle-shaped windows for smaller apertures that form patterns alongside the structure.


the origami 2

3. Residence in Itabashi, Japan
Built by Suppose Design Office in Japan, the large pentagon-shaped windows on both floors were meant to allow the interior and exterior to flow together in what they describe as a “half-outdoor space”.



4. The Perforated House, Victoria, Australia
Created by Australian design firm Kavellaris Urban Design, this dwelling contains walls, glass screens and curtains that can be moved so the surroundings can be changed at any time.


5. “Gimme Shelter” -a house based on traditional cave dwellings
A concept by Mexican firm Rojkind Arquitectos, this was designed for construction in Inner Mongolia, China. The structure is peppered with apertures that help to ventilate it during the summer months, as the house is meant to be built submerged into the ground to protect it from the severe weather that is common in that part of the globe.



6. Robotic Perforations
The first photo shows a computer controlled robot assistant that produces construction elements directly from design data, which is located at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich’s program for architecture and digital production. The second is a sample of its handiwork.


robot perforation2

7. Bad Architects office in Innsbruck, Austria
A home is transformed into an office space for the Austrian firm “Bad Architects“. A major divider of the working area is a foam sliding wall, covered with leaf-like patterns cut out of the material.

innsbruck office 1

innsbruck office 2

8. Perforated designs in mainstream fashion
The perforations seen below are part of an updated version of women’s Doc Martens, as a result of a partnership with Jean-Paul Gaultier:

doc martens

9.Dupont Corian Design Studio in Philadelphia
Harry Allen designed this temporary installation on behalf of Dupont in order to showcase the versatility of the surfacing material Corian.


10. Dupont Corian Design Studio in Manhattan
Morris Sato Studios was given the nod to design Dupont’s Manhattan-based studio, which also served as a testament to the multi-purpose potential of Corian. [via MocoLoco]


dupont nyc 2

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