4 Super Yachts of the Future

4 Super Yachts of the Future
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Nicko Margolies
  • 3 august 2009

The Sea King is a concept yacht that pairs mahogany and cedar wood construction with modern styles.  It is capable of reaching 120 knots and has a full bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and bar below deck.  The 60 foot concept was designed by Adam Schacter and was intended to ferry passengers between island in the Middle East.


The Maltese Falcon is the only boat in this list actually in the water, but it is far and above the largest, most expensive and uniquely designed yacht ever made.  It has three rotating masts that host 15 sails covering an unparalleled sail area of 25,791 square feet.  The 289 foot vessel built by Perini Navi is a nothing short of a masterpiece and is currently listed on JamesList, the online luxury marketplace, for €70 million, almost €30 million lower than its original posting.


The 190 foot Soliloquy yacht is a sleek boat design packed with green technologies.  Using a combination of solar, wind and “hybrid marine power” the Soliloquy has zero-emission capabilities.  The holistic approach comes from Callender Designs and the young designer hopes to integrate solar technologies in other sea vessels.


The Infintas Yacht is a 300 foot minimalist concept complete with a huge interior living space, pool and, of course, a helicopter pad.  The Infintas is the second design from Schöpfer Yachts based in Florida and the price is unknown.  More pictures here.

[via SwipeLife, Luxist, DesignBoom and Gizmodo]

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