Art Installation Prints All Tweets and Status Updates

Art Installation Prints All Tweets and Status Updates
Nicko Margolies
  • 3 august 2009

Christopher Baker, a Minnesota-based artist, recently unveiled a project to examine our digital world of personal updates.  His simple design with collaboration from Márton András Juhász and the Kitchen Budapest visualizes a live feed of updates from Twitter and Facebook, printing each short remark on an endless stream of receipts.

The work, entitled Murmur Study, brings to light how our social lives are digitally indexed by corporations and how we don’t seem to care.  These massive archives are privately accumulated and Baker’s installation uses 30 thermal printers to help visitors see how much information is cataloged and perhaps wasted.  For those horrified by the waterfall of wasted paper, don’t worry, it is collected and recycled for future projects and exhibitions.

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