AsBoasNovas: Constructive Journalism Focused on Good News

AsBoasNovas: Constructive Journalism Focused on Good News
Lourenço Bustani
  • 25 august 2009


It’s no secret that we are all suffering from information overload. How much of this information we can actually process effectively is a great question, yet another point worth noting is the negative impact that recurring bad news can have on mental well-being.

Concerned with this phenomenon, a group of young entrepreneurs in Brazil decided to follow the steps of GNN (Good News Network) and many others worldwide and inject some positive vibes into the Brazilian digital news feed. And so AsBoasNovas (The Good News) came to life.

AsBoasNovas goes beyond aggregating news from other channels – it has its own news production. Because of its solution-focused approach, rather than just broadcasting problems, it works as a platform for constructive journalism, where authors and readers can collaborate to promote positive change.

The website also employs an unconventional navigation system, with news spread over a large area in a completely flat hierarchy, and a remote control that can take the user directly where he or she may want to go. This is intended to reassure the innovative character of its publishing model, more inclusive in nature and centered on good initiatives that work towards a more productive and proactive world.

Contributed by Mauricio Soares

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