Asics Asks Bloggers ‘What’s Left Without A Right’

Asics Asks Bloggers ‘What’s Left Without A Right’
Anjali Ramachandran
  • 10 august 2009

Global footwear brand Asics recently launched an interesting PR initiative to support the launch of their latest line Sportstyle,  called ‘What’s a left without a right?’. Conceptualised by Amsterdam Worldwide and designed by Janne Kyttanen from Freedom of Creation, it involved sending a unique package to each of 10 fashion bloggers, selected for their influence with the target audience. The package used 3D printing in such a way that the only way to access what was inside the package was to destroy the engaging external cover. Each ’80s-inspired object (Rubics Cube, Boom Box etc.) was one of its kind, and was manufactured in one of four languages: English, French, German or Italian. The twist was that each package contained only half of the whole, and the recipient had to find the other half to complete the object. The gifts featured a plaque with a personal message from Asics, in the recipient’s own language, and were invited to use their networks to find the missing piece.



Janne Kyttanen, Founder and Creative Director at Freedom of Creation, aptly captures the essence behind this campaign when she describes the goal behind the design of the products:

“We knew that the intended recipients of these gifts are trend-setters. They had to receive something which was truly one-of-a-kind, that would have a strong ‘wow’ factor and inspire their curiosity to investigate. …and yet leave them with a sour-sweet feeling of regret for having to destroy the packaging that enclosed their half-icon product.”

We think that this kind of a detailed project hits the nail on the head as far as engaging with an audience is concerned. Asics were able to successfully reach not just the 10 bloggers, but their widespread networks, and in the process encouraged them to interact with each other and go beyond their familiar zones. One interesting outcome was that one blogger persuaded most of the others to send their halves to him in return for a pair of limited edition Asics sneakers, so that they could be displayed at Bread & Butter, a street and urbanwear trade show that took place in Berlin last month.

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