Bikes Help Water City Trees

Bikes Help Water City Trees
Nicko Margolies
  • 14 august 2009

Casey Trees, a non-profit dedicated to planting trees in the Washington DC area, recently unveiled a new program to mulch and water trees with custom bikes fitted with trailers.  The Water-by-Cycle project is the first of its type in the nation and the inaugural ride allowed tree care over a wider range than previously possible.  The custom bike trailers carry hoses that hook up to city fire hydrants and have full permission from the DC Water and Sewage Authority.  The bikes allow for the field crew to water newer trees with specialized care without requiring a parking spot or a van for equipment.

The non-profit organization began in 2001 and strives to protect the tree canopy of Washington DC.  Casey Trees relies on volunteers and provides training to those interested in becoming urban tree care experts, known as Citizen Foresters.  The organization offers homeowners a $50 rebate for planting a tree and hopes to plant over 8,000 trees a year.


Image credit: Getty Images, Patrick Joust/Flickr


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