Brooklyn Typology Project: Art Intersects With Urban Planning

Brooklyn Typology Project: Art Intersects With Urban Planning
Arts & Culture
Jim Moscater
  • 18 august 2009

The Brooklyn Typology Project is an unbelievably informative and multi-layered work by artist and urban planner Neil Freeman that merges the aesthetics, history and demographics of Brooklyn within a tapestry of web links.

2100 photographs were taken to represent each of Brooklyn’s block groups, and clicking on each photo leads to a storehouse of data about a particular neighborhood- census numbers, the age and type of the neighboring structures, and historical information. All of this is meant to provide insight into the borough’s dense and varied population, layout, and design.

This project and others are gathered on Mr. Freeman’s site- Fake Is The New Real, a “collection of maps, art, and lists“.

[via Urban Omnibus]

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