(Candy) Crack Delivered Directly To Your Door

(Candy) Crack Delivered Directly To Your Door
Arts & Culture
Jim Moscater
  • 11 august 2009

Delivery services of all kinds are a mainstay of New York City living, but none can match up to the bizarre originality of the Candy Crack Delivery Service.

If you live in the Williamsburg or Greenpoint neighborhoods in Brooklyn, call or text them- and you’ll be visited by a 7-foot tall man in white gloves, a tuxedo, and a plush blue fish head. He’ll offer a 1×1 baggie of “crack” rock candy in 4 different flavors (blueberry, cotton candy, lime, and original) for $1 a piece.

The service is the brainchild of Nate Hill (the self-proclaimed “greatest artist of all time”), the creative director of Club Animals. He and his cohorts specialize in other original projects such as “Free Bouncy Rides“- where a person in a fish costume hangs out on a subway platform and offers his/her leg to bounce upon, and the “Mini Marathon” where several people dressed as animals run four laps around Union Square.

The Candy Crack Delivery Service will be available again on August 22nd, in the Greenpoint and Williamsburg areas of Brooklyn only, and Free Bouncy Rides will be offered this Saturday, August 14th, from 10-11pm on the Union Square L train platform.

[via Brooklyn Based]

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