Driving Kills: Health Warnings on Cars?

Driving Kills: Health Warnings on Cars?
Dan Gould
  • 3 august 2009


The Copenhagenize blog has come up with a radical concept – warning labels on cars. Similar to the bold text warnings found on packs of cigarettes in many parts of the world, the labels would reveal the hidden dangers of driving, encouraging people to bicycle instead.

Copenhaganize explains:

I think it’s safe to say that we have a pressing need for marketing cycling positively if we’re to encourage people to ride bicycles and begin the transformation of our cities into more liveable places.

Instead of scare campaigns about cycling [a life-extending, healthy, sustainable transport form], wouldn’t it be more appropriate to begin campaigns about the dangers of automobiles? Many people in car-centric countries no longer regard the automobile as dangerous. Maybe they realise it, but the car is such an ingrained part of our culture that the perception of danger rarely rises to the surface of peoples consciousness. Sure, there are scare campaigns for cars out there, but what if we just cut to the chase.

Copenhaganize: “Driving Kills – Health Warnings”

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