Goodbye Blue Monday From the street, Goodbye Blue Monday might seem like just another junk shop, but stay until the sun sets and you’ll find yourself sitting front row for one of the best live music nights in Bushwick. The cafe hosts live shows and experiments in indie rock, like internet-based music competition “Song Fight Presents”, which has as much musical variety as the haphazardly adorned walls. The venue is decorated with thrift store finds, overflowing bookshelves climbing up to the ceiling, vintage lamps sticking out of every corner, and so many tchotchkes that the owner was forced to reorganize them once to make the space safe to walk in. The backyard sculpture garden is a nice respite from the show inside, and patrons don’t have to worry about missing anything as every show is archived on YouTube (as well as livestreamed). Absolutely everything is for sale too, just in case you want a souvenir.

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