Graphic Design to Save the World?

Graphic Design to Save the World?
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Claudia Cukrov
  • 24 august 2009

Image credit: Getty Images, Julie A. Ziesemann/Flickr

The Australian Graphic Design Association’s conference ‘How Can Graphic Design Help Save the World’ recently shed some light on the ways graphic designers can design a better world.  Speakers included Visual Communication Design lecturer Jacqueline Gothe, Animal Logic founder Andy Polaine, graphic and environmental designer David Berman; and design, media and visual culture writer Rick Poynor.

Andy Polaine explains the meaning behind the conference title:

“Most wicked problems stem from many small acts of thoughtlessness ” says Andy. “At home in Germany, I did the right thing and took my old TV to the recycle depot and it was terrible and powerful to be confronted by the multiplier effect of my and others decisions – there were mountains of TVs”.

The feeling of terror and confrontation evoked having seen the multiplier effect of consumption is something that designers can use for a positive effect says Andy. Designers, and particularly graphic designers have the power to evidence the ‘mountains of TVs’ as a tangible way of communicating the consequences of small acts of thoughtlessness. Andy says that though often the last in the process of developing a product, graphic design is the first thing a consumer sees and its creators have a great deal of power to influence better buying decisions.

Read about the event here.


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