Head To Hoof [PSFK Snapshot Brooklyn]

Head To Hoof [PSFK Snapshot Brooklyn]

The Head to Hoof Food Renaisssance

Jim Moscater
  • 12 august 2009

Head to Hoof

Part of the artisanal food renaissance is having a true understanding of where food comes from, how it’s raised and ultimately how it ends up on a dinner plate. The “head to hoof” carnivore movement is Brooklyn butcher Tom Mylan’s contribution to the cause. You can find him holding court at Brooklyn Kitchen on Monday nights, teaching sold-out classes in Pig Butchering to rapt students who leave with a hefty portion of fresh-carved meat and an education in animal anatomy. Head to hoof butchering emphasizes having a genuine respect for the animal’s life, encouraging the use of all parts of the animal for food. Mylan’s Williamsburg butcher shop Marlow & Daughters serves restaurants who align with the cause as well, including Marlow & Sons, Diner and Bonita.

Marlow & Daughters  – 95 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
The Brooklyn Kitchen  – 100 Frost St

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