Japanese Designer Creates Shadow Jewelry

Japanese Designer Creates Shadow Jewelry
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Laura Feinstein
  • 17 august 2009

It’s no secret that Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London is a veritable coolhunting breeding ground, having churned out some of the most influential tastemakers in art, fashion, and innovation of our current era. It should then come as no surprise that a thesis project at this prestigious university can easily turn into a full flegded (and buyable) production, such as in the case of Tokyo-born designer Maiko Takeda. Takeda’s recent showing of shadow inspired jewelry is viewable at her website

According to the mission statement of her thesis:

“The collection questions whether shadows might obtain a quality in themselves and can adorn the body as jewellery. Although each piece simply consists of minimal and geometric elements, such as various sizes of circular holes, pristine outlines and forms, when the light shines through the piece, the shadow unexpectedly appears as a photograph-like image of an organic form. The light, the shadow and the body all work together to create an installation work, in which the shadow remains secret but when revealed forms the main part of the jewellery.”

Takeda currently works at Erickson Beamon designing high- end costume jewellery and moonlighting at the flagship boutique as a press assistant, assisting the production department and working on private commissions by customers.

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