Medicine Delivered by Contact Lenses

Medicine Delivered by Contact Lenses
Nicko Margolies
  • 4 august 2009

Image Credit: Getty Images, Jon Paul Armstrong/Flickr

For the forgetful masses there is now a new method to simplify medicinal regimens.  Researchers in Boston claim they’ve developed a contact lens that delivers medications at a constant rate for over a month.  For now, the technology is limited to eye patients, but eventually the method could be expanded to other symptoms.

For those with dry-eyes or glaucoma the lenses remove the diligent administration of drops throughout the day.  Eye drops are notoriously inaccurate and usually only 1 to 7 percent of the medication gets absorbed into the eye.  The new technology allows the medication to get precise dosages and keep a constant rate of delivery.  The research isn’t out of the lab, but will move shortly to animal testing, hopefully we’ll see this solution soon.
[via PopGadget]


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