New Design Talent From the NY Gift Fair

New Design Talent From the NY Gift Fair
Design & Architecture
Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 20 august 2009

The American Design Club curated a special exhibit at this week’s NY Gift Fair featuring a mix of recent design school graduates and established professionals launching new design ventures. “A+: The Young Designer’s Platform,” gives creatives selected by the ADC an affordable means to display their work and get exposure they might not otherwise have a chance at. Here’s three items that caught our eye:

Seattle based duo Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister showed their minimal frame pendant lights made of powder-coated sheet steel. The pendants are a modern graphic twist on a traditional shade.


Hideaki Matsui developed a product for a cause with Cleanup, a bar soap formed to look like a landmine. Moved by landmines’ devastating effects, rendering land useless to produce food, utilize water sources, and build infrastructure, Matsui developed the idea around the image of the soap disappearing, followed by the landmines. Sales raise funds for landmine removal and survivor assistance through the Cambodia Landmine Museum.


Graphic designer Peter White launched a new company called Bywhite Design and presented a tray called the ‘Le Petit Dej’. Peter’s inspiration for the integrated flower vase design is a personal story he tells best:

Every Sunday morning my father would lovingly prepare breakfast in bed for our mother. My sister and I would crawl in under the sheets and join her. The full tray would arrive complete with a fresh flower in a small crystal vase. Invariably the vase would topple over and we’d all be eating soggy toast. Le Petit Dej was born out my desire to keep this tradition alive for my family – sans wet toast.

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