Next Stop On Barbie’s 50 Year Long Journey: “Twilight”

Next Stop On Barbie’s 50 Year Long Journey: “Twilight”
Caleb Kramer
  • 14 august 2009

A vampire rendition of Barbie will be used to market an already popular movie adaptation of the Twilight series. The launch of the two doll set will coincide with the opening of its second film this November. This isn’t the first blockbuster that Barbie is sporting, she most recently suited up for Star Trek.

Barbie has come a long way since its creation half a century ago. It has tread murky waters during controversial eras in American socio-cultural history, becoming an object of commentary on three big isms: racism, sexism, and consumerism.

Several versions of Barbie have stirred up debate around their portrayals of race, one being the Nabisco sponsored Oreo Fun Barbie in 1997 which offended some in the African American community.

Critics see Mattel’s expansion overseas as American cultural imperialism. Barbie’s presence reflects a country’s participation in the global economy and even evidence of a growing consumer society, as is seen in the “House of Barbie” opening in Shanghai earlier this year.

[via The Buzz Log]

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