The Golden Age of Advertising

The Golden Age of Advertising
Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 17 august 2009

With Season 3 of Mad Men premiering last night, a renewed interest in all things retro – the fashion, the lingo, the drinks – can be expected to tighten its grip on popular culture.  The Mad Men wave might also leave in its wake an increased curiosity for the advertising that the series celebrates.  

WebUrbanist features a comprehensive collection of the product of the Golden Age of Advertising – beginning in the 50’s, a bit before the 60’s hey day that Mad Men takes place in – and highlights some of the key historical incidents that affected consumers’ psyche and attitudes towards brands and consumption of consumer goods during the time.  A fascinating look at what captured Amercians’ hearts and minds back then – and a great contrast to the more sophisticated, two-way dialogue that brands need to have with more desensitized consumers now.  Or would a return to some of these simpler, aspirational images and messages manage to inspire us and break through the clutter today?

Stella Artois’ latest campaign utilizes the illustrations of Robert McGinnis – retired illustrator of the posters for classic films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s – to speak to it’s targets interest in timeless elegance.  We wouldn’t be surprised to see the wave of Mad Men to leave an impact on advertising in its wake, as well.  Possibly as a response to the trend towards all things retro – and possibly as a response to consumers again seeking out brands and products that represent more aspirational indulgences as we eek out of a Global recession.  And history repeats itself in advertising…

[via WebUrbanist]

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