Royal Pains, a new show on the USA Network, follows the course of a fictional doctor who makes house calls to the rich and famous.  House calls are a foreign concept to most modern health care professionals, but in Manhattan there is a so-called “concierge doctor” named Ronald Primas who whips around the city in a luxury Range Rover with a bag full of necessary instruments.

Dr. Primas, 49, has a group of wealthy longtime patents who crave this unique attention in the comfort of their own homes, but Primas also ventures out to make house calls for as little as $200.  While Dr. Primas believes the USA Network show is based on his practice, a spokesman insists it's based on a similar doctor in the Hamptons.  Regardless of the history of the new show, it's nice to know there are some doctors out there with a bedside manner that caters to your own cushy bed.

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