Tom’s of Maine’s 50 States for Good Campaign

Tom’s of Maine’s 50 States for Good Campaign
Nicko Margolies
  • 13 august 2009

Tom’s of Maine, an all-natural personal care products producer, recently launched a campaign to extend their charitable giving around the United States.  Their project, called the 50 States for Good campaign, allows customers to submit and vote on their favorite charities with Tom’s of Maine putting up $100,000 to be divided among the top 5 selections.

The corporate sponsorship also provides exposure to the untold amount of charity applications, as the community will sift through the personal connections presented for each cause.  Tom’s of Maine built their reputation on all-natural ingredients, a strict refusal to test any products on animals and community involvement.  Even after selling much of the business to Colgate-Palmolive in 2006, the company kept their strong core mission of social responsibility


Image Credit: Getty Images, Beth Retro Photography/Flickr

Triple Pundit recently interviewed Rob Robinson from Tom’s of Maine about their community-driven campaign,

50 States For Good” is a current campaign you’re running to help get exposure for non-profits across the country, and identify unique programs that Tom’s of Maine could support. How does the program work?

Whether it’s the non-profits we’ve partnered with or the community efforts our employees support through their own volunteerism, we are keenly aware of many great projects around the country. This year we decided to open up our funding process to the broader community and have a public vote to direct $100,000 toward projects that help us take care of each other and the world we share. “50 States for Good” celebrates and rewards those efforts focused on lasting, positive change. Specifically, we’re looking for applications for community involvement projects from nonprofit organizations and we’re making it easy for all qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations to apply. Many organizations have overloaded staffs in this economic downturn, as well decreased funding and donations, so we’re asking only ten questions and online voting by the public will determine which five projects will receive $20,000 each.

triplepundit: “Tom’s of Maine: 50 States of Change”


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