‘Touch The Future, Now’ Light Show In Singapore

‘Touch The Future, Now’ Light Show In Singapore
Anjali Ramachandran
  • 12 august 2009

Hewlett-Packard collaborated with five local artists in Singapore recently, to present the ‘Touch the Future, Now’ Light Show. The artists were invited to share their visions of the future based around five key areas: music, art, communication, gaming and cityscape. Creative community Awe50me had a sizable representation and included four of the five artists: Ben Qwek a.k.a Mr.B, Brian Chia a.k.a Brick, Michael Ng a.k.a Mindflyer and Eeshaun. We like what Brick had to say about the future of music:

“The future invites interactivity between the user and music, welcoming them into a world where they can fiddle with the tonal quality and fine-tune every detail for optimum pleasure.”

…and what Soh Eeshaun had to say about the future of art:

“Like the artwork, the artist thinks the future will be unpredictable, colorful and completely free.”

There’s that word ‘free’ again!

[Via Awe50me]


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