Using RFID to Track Hospital Patients

Using RFID to Track Hospital Patients
Dan Gould
  • 25 august 2009

To help track Washington DC hospital patients in the event of a disaster, the US Government is exploring the use of RFID tags to locate them in real time. Nextgov reports that the radio frequency identification tags, which if they’re battery powered, can have a range of about 300 feet, can assist in locating people (with an accuracy rate of 95 percent) during crisis situations when every second can be critical.

Many hospitals already use RFID to track supplies and other assets, but using the technology to follow people is a relatively novel practice.

Nextgov: “RFID tags eyed to track Washington-area patients in case of disaster”

[via Harvard Government Innovators Network]

[Image via Daily RFID Co., LIMITED]

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