Food Carts Gain Popularity Coast-To-Coast

Arts & Culture
Jim Moscater
  • 11 august 2009

In cities across the world, the food cart has classically been a source for authentic, reasonably priced culinary discoveries for the mobile masses curious enough to take the plunge.

While blogs such as Midtown Lunch (based in NYC) and Food Carts Portland delve deeper into the cart culture of their respective cities, VendrTV is a web series that takes you across America and looks at the most interesting and delicious portable fare.

Each episode runs a 7-10 minutes, and is hosted by the curious and exuberant Daniel Delaney, a Philadelphia-based entrepreneur who clearly has a passion for mobile eats – he conceptualized the show, and acts as editor and executive producer as well.

A recent episode looks at the hot dog happenings in San Francisco:

And for those looking to capture their own piece of the limelight and experience the other side of the counter for themselves, NY Magazine has published a handy guide on how to start your own food truck.


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