Anna Sui Designs Limited Edition Boot For Fitflop-Shoes

Anna Sui Designs Limited Edition Boot For Fitflop-Shoes

Anna Sui has created a stylish Boot For Fitflop-Shoes, the flip flops that are reported to exercise you as you walk..

Laura Feinstein
  • 21 october 2009

If you’ve ever ridden the subways in NYC,  you’ve seen them- the brightly colored billboards for FitFlop, the flip flops that promise to help you exercise without having to break a sweat. The image, a woman with toned legs walking her dog (while sporting the somewhat aesthetically unappealing shoe) illustrates that by wearing FitFlops on your daily errands you can help build muscle tone and burn fat through their unique design. However, previously it was this “unique design” which most prohibited the fitness shoe from being more popular- until now. In the first of what will surely be a string of collaborations, designer Anna Sui (fresh off a different collab with Target) has created a limited edition boot.

This new fitness-shoe trend has also caught on with other retailers, including sketchers who recently introduced Shape Ups, which boast “Get in shape without setting foot in a gym.” Many are saying this new shoe trend will help inspire the gym shy to get themselves into shape, while others say it only promotes the culture of inactivity which is causing the current obesity epidemic in America. Regardless, we should be seeing much more of this trend in the near future.


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