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eBooks are certainly getting a lot of press these days, and with more than thirty models currently on the market, some are suggesting we’ve arrived at an iPod moment. Not quite sure if I agree with that just yet, but there’s certainly a lot of money being thrown around by some heavy players. With Barnes & Noble about to launch their answer to the Kindle and Sony’s eBook, it might be worth considering whether or not this will go the way of many other platform systems that quickly flamed out, such as the word processor (Wang), tablet PDA’s (The Newton… Yeah, I know, GodJobs will announce the iTablet any day now and AppleTards will happily shell out thousands for something that will be drastically reduced in price within weeks… But then everything will be fine when Saint Steve sends you an Apple Store voucher, so you can buy even more Apple stuff). And talking of long promised breakthroughs, never forget how much money has been thrown down the black hole of voice recognition software over the years in a forlorn attempt to encourage us to chuck away our keyboards.

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