Good Ideas Salon Tokyo: 3 Questions for Peter Rojas

Good Ideas Salon Tokyo: 3 Questions for Peter Rojas
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PSFK asks Peter Rojas, one of our panel members at the upcoming Good Ideas Salon Tokyo, what pure living means to him.

Dan Gould
  • 15 october 2009

On October 20, PSFK and Nissan will host a Good Ideas Salon in Tokyo. For the event, Piers Fawkes (PSFK) will moderate a conversation on “Pure Living” with two panels of distinguished guests, including:

Marc Alt – Green Visionary, Founder at Marc Alt + Partners
Mark Dytham
– Creative Catalyst, Partner at Klein Dytham architecture, and Founder of Pecha Kucha
Peter Rojas
– Technology Guru, Founder at gdgt, Engadget, and Gizmodo

Rie Azuma – Lifestyle Architect, Azuma Architecture
Danny Choo – Japan Sub-Culture Authority, CEO at Mirai Inc.,
Hiromi Matsubara – Green Media Activist, Co-founder,

We’ll explore perspectives on pure living and how it is currently manifesting itself in design, technology, urban living, and transportation.

PSFK asked the participants what pure living means to them. Up first, Peter Rojas:

How do you see the ideal of pure living manifesting itself practically in the world today?

In ways that people are living in ways that lessen their impact on the world: living closer to work so they don’t have to drive (as much), traveling less, going vegetarian, etc.

What people and projects out there are leading the way in pure living?

The CLEAR Village project is one that’s interesting, the key will be going from idea to implementation.

How do you see pure living playing out in the future?

In some respects we won’t have any choice but to live less resource-intensive lives. Barring some breakthrough in renewable energy (like cold fusion), we won’t have enough energy to lead the same kind of consumption-driven lives we lead now. The challenge will be to design an economy that isn’t driven by ever-increasing production and consumption.

Good Ideas Salon Tokyo

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