Graphic Designers Team Up To Create “Bunny Cam”

Graphic Designers Team Up To Create “Bunny Cam”

Two graphic designers in Williamsburg Brooklyn have taken their love for their pet rabbit to a new level with Brooklyn Bunny- a live action webcam and line of related products.

Laura Feinstein
  • 15 october 2009

As Japan has taught us, nothing is more soothing than a pet rabbit. However, the two graphic designers in Williamsburg Brooklyn who make up the DresserJohnson design firm  have taken their love for their  furry friend to a new level with Brooklyn Bunny– a live action webcam featuring Roebling– an adorable white dwarf rabbit. In an interview with, co-creator of Brooklyn Bunny Kevin Dresser explained his reasons for forming the website:

“In February 2005 we lost our former pet bunny named Bun. We were very sad. We live and work in the same place and we always had Bun around with us. He really helped us through the day. Well, after his death, instead of running out and trying to replacing him with another bunny, we thought it might be nice to start a rabbit sitting service. We figured that this kind of business could actually work in New York City. So, the idea of a webcam sprouted from that. We thought that clients could check in on their bunny while they were away.

So, halfway through setting the website up, we received and email from a friend that said there was a bunny up for adoption. The veterinarian that had the rabbit offered to bring him over for a weekend test drive. So, Roebling showed up and that’s how it all started. We nixed the rabbit sitting idea and Brooklyn Bunny : Live Bunny Cam was born.”

In addition to providing a cuddly diversion to those visiting the site, the DresserJohnson team (who specialize in corporate identities and digital font design) have created a series of Brooklyn Bunny products inspired both by Roebling and their outer borough surroundings. Some of these products include shirts and Bunny Room Spray. The success of both this line and it’s website has proven that turning your hobbies, however niche, into a business is something that we can all strive for. In addition, it’s illustrated a long- held belief by many that having a pet enriches ones life and can even boost productivity. In the meantime, those without the calming effects of a fuzzy pal at work can keep enjoying Dresser and Johnson’s via their internet home.

You can also view more Roebling  via Flickr, Twitter or Bunspace

Gothamist: “Kevin Dresser, Rabbit Owner and Designer”

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