MarkProf: Non-Profit Marketing Intelligence

MarkProf: Non-Profit Marketing Intelligence

Non-profits like MarkProf Foundation are filling the marketing education gap in the Philippines and boosting employment while they're at it.

Jason Tan
  • 20 october 2009

The MarkProf Foundation is a non-profit organization in Manila built by volunteers who want to level the branding intelligence playing field for bright young minds in underfunded provincial communities (of which there are many).

The Philippines’ need to move up the commercial value chain is clear. Thomson Reuters recently reported that the country’s exports to two of the world’s most important markets – America and China – have fallen by almost 20% and 40% respectively in the past two years. The country is the world’s second biggest offshore services center, but will need to boost its marketing consultancy capabilities to maintain its edge and keep India at bay.

Non-profits like MarkProf serve as critical brain band-aids in a country where rising tuition rates, overpopulation and widening income inequality have become the norm. Its main event is an all-expenses paid, seven week “boot camp” led by multinational CEOs and reputable captains of local industry. Participants from diverse socio-economic backgrounds are ranked based on two core virtues: out-of-the-box innovation and inquisitiveness.

The proof of success is in quality job creation. “MarkProf is already the biggest source of management trainees for some of the top multinational companies in the Philippines” says current president, Jem Perez who also refers to the organization as a “resume equalizer”.

Alumnus, Rainier Dagala, has moved on to successfully launch a local baby skin care line based on virgin coconut oil called BabySpa Naturals.

MarkProf: Non-Profit Marketing Intelligence

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