Domingos Tótora creates his designs from material such as used cardboard and kraft paper, bringing together beauty, form and function, with nature as his constant inspiration.

The Brazilian designer Domingos Tótora develops his work on a tripod of art, environmental consciousness and social inclusion. Leading a team of 20 artisans, mostly between 18 and 24 years old, he firmly believes that craftsmanship is a path to freedom.

With nature as his constant inspiration, Tótora transforms everyday materials into objects that bring together form, function and beauty. Tones reminiscent of earth dominate his work, expressing purity and the action of time. This inspiration is reflected in his choice of materials as well: the three “stones” that compose the Água Table are actually made of recycled cardboard and glue (the handcraft process can be seen on the pictures below). Kraft paper and banana fiber are also very common in his pieces.

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