Architizer: The Facebook for Architects

Architizer: The Facebook for Architects

Social networking site Architizer is being promoted as a "Facebook for Architects," enabling architects, architecture curators, clients, critics and fans to interact.

Laura Feinstein
  • 3 november 2009

During one of the worst economic crisis of our current era, no one seems to need allies more than architects and city planners – many of whom have had to see their projects (and livelihoods) put on hold till new funding reappears. In the meantime, many are seeking creative ways to band together to find exciting and new opportunities for each other utilizing the internet and it’s global network.

One such digital pioneer is brand-new social networking site Architizer, which is being promoted as a “Facebook for Architects” and will allow “architects, architecture curators, clients, critics and fans, to interact”. The site, which is free to use, allows members to link their personal, firm, and project profiles where they can display a new building, share photos of interesting projects, and have their work pinpointed on a global interactive map.

In addition, the site is intended to highlight the often unsung members of a project who are crucial to getting a project brought to fruition. According to the site:

Created by architects for architects, Architizer’s design is predicated on giving credit where credit is due. A single project may have dozens of contributors and Architizer links them all, from the intern to the construction manager.

Along with its social and visual aspects, Architizer also recognizes the need to provide resources for its talented members and  features “an interactive job board, a competition page, design school profiles and guest contributors to comment on the latest profiles…a curator can announce a new architectural exhibition or event. a developer can hire an architect based on their work.”

The site launches this week, and was welcomed into the world with a celebration thrown yesterday at The Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC, in collaboration with Surface and Arbitare Magazine, Brooklyn Brewery, Penn Design, and others. If the atmosphere at the event was any indication, the creators might truly be on their way to creating the design for global inspiration.

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