Galactic Suite: Space Tourism in 2012

Galactic Suite: Space Tourism in 2012
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Galactic Suite is a bio-inspired orbital station that is attempting to bring space tourism to the masses, as long as you can afford the three million euro price tag.

Aurora Diaz
  • 3 november 2009


Now anyone can spend a three-day holiday orbiting the earth, assuming that they can afford the introductory price of three million euros and successfully complete an eight-week astronaut training course, that is. This following news that an anonymous billionaire has funded the first ever space resort with a mission to offer the most thrilling and transcendent experience that money can buy. Aptly named Galactic Suite, the bio-inspired orbital station has been designed to dock with a passenger spaceship that can carry up to four passengers and two crew members.

And just to make sure that you don’t walk away feeling gypped, the launch pad and space camp take place on a remote tropical island. Departures are slated to begin sometime in 2012 and reservations are already being taken at the Galactic Suite site.

[via Design Boom]

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