How does one uncover a simple insight in a consumer and business world of complexity? A recently published yellow paper for Account Planner and Brand and Marketing professionals at large offers some inspiring examples.

Try saying that 3 times fast.  DDB Worldwide has released a “yellow paper” to inspire Planners (and advertising/brand marketing professionals at large) to “unlock the simple, yet untapped” idea that could mean the difference between a wounded recession casualty and a brand that evolves along with consumers where they currently are – figuratively and literally.

Jeff Swystun, DDB Worldwide’s Chief Communications Officer, cites a number of interesting examples on how the most brilliant, impactful solutions (both in the business and private sector) have oftentimes been the result of identifying the simplest, cleanest insight – take the case of roll-away luggage, or Dartmouth’s central “green”.  He also showcases the work of several brands (and their agencies) that have successfully tapped into an insight and embodied it in what – to the casual observer – might seem like an unconventional or counter-intuitive manner – but which ultimately succeeded in communicating that x brand or y product helped deliver z benefit, emotion or result – with nary a 5 second product shot in sight.

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