Although the idea of using light to fall asleep sounds counter-intuitive, the LightSleeper uses a special method to lull users to sleep.

At PSFK we’ve been tracking different ways that people are making innovative uses of light to create soothing environments. The LightSleeper does this by projecting a path onto the ceiling that draws the user’s mind into relaxing patters. Although the idea of using light to fall asleep sounds counter-intuitive,  LightSleeper’s product page describes why we need this kind of device:

In our 24/7, always-on society, we are constantly bombarded by information and other stimuli. Not surprisingly, many of us have trouble winding down and sleeping (the designer of this product, for example!). Some people read, or watch television to help them go to sleep, but those activities actually stimulate the mind, rather than relaxing it – precisely the wrong effect. LightSleeper instead relaxes the mind and prepares you to get to sleep easily and to enjoy a more restful, refreshing night of sleep.

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