In an exciting announcement, New York's MTA is working on new, streamlined developments for its bus line.

In an exciting announcement, New York's MTA is working on new upgrades for its bus line.  Purchases of super-stretch buses are in the plans, along with dedicated bus lanes on First and Second Avenue. Resembling the much-loved and well received Transmilenio of Bogota, Colombia (and an expansion of one Bronx Bus Route), the MTA also aims to install curbside MetroCard readers for riders to pay at bus stops, helping speed up the often slow process of paying on board. Additional plans include revamping streets to be generally more friendly towards pedestrians, buses and bikers and the inclusion of wireless technology to change red traffic signals green when the 62-foot buses approach. Though riding the subway has typically been a more attractive option to patrons, this change has the potential to positively alter rider's routines.  It certainly beats the half-century long wait for a new second avenue subway line.

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