Over the next two months, PSFK will be hosting Redscout's SPUR video series. It will explore the intersection of brands, strategy, innovation and the world of account planning. We hope to spark a lively discussion, and inspire those working in the field.

Please visit Redscout’s Vimeo page t0 watch all of the SPUR episodes.

By asking our interviewees what qualities they think make a good planner as well as what they look for in a new hire or colleague, we uncover what’s changing in the demands of the role and how the so-called “Rockstars” are setting the bar high.

The validity of the title “planner‚” is under fire in a world where hybrids and tech specialists push the boundaries, but a common theme we (in the brand-driven innovation space as opposed to a more pure communications house) found especially interesting.

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