The Water Consciousness Bag

The Water Consciousness Bag

The Water Consciousness Bag raises awareness of water shortages in Northwest China.

Tamara Madani
  • 18 november 2009

To raise awareness of the dependency on rainwater for drinking in the dry region of Northwest China, the Lotus Light Charity Society together with Grey Hong Kong designed an umbrella bag that (as it fills with water) illustrates how much water is needed to fill a single, small cup.

Three different messages were printed on the bags to emphasis the effect of the cup filling up on the bottom:

  • It takes half a day for people in China’s arid regions to get this amount of clean water.
  • People living in China’s arid regions call this pure water.
  • In China’s arid regions, a child gets less water than this a day.

Thanks to this unconventional initiative money has been raised to provide cleaner water to the region.

[via Ads of the World]

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