What would a picture of the 2000s look like? The Economist asks contemporary designers and curators to identify icons of the past decade.

Intelligent Life – the Economist’s quarterly magazine – has asked contemporary designers, curators and authors to pick some of the styles and items that have defined the past decade, beginning with 2000.  While Apple’s iPod/iPhone seems to be pretty ubiquitous, some other themes emerge – positive and negative.

Increased consciousness over our impact on the environment is embodied by icons like the Prius and a growing reliance on bicycles.  A sense of nostalgia for happier times via our fashion choices – by way of bohemian chic and eighties fashion – arises as a theme, but so does the whitewashing of true individuality by copying celebrity fashion (and lifestyles).  Some interesting and pointed observations on how many of us have behaved the past 10 years.

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