100% Pure New Zealand Innovation Part 1

100% Pure New Zealand Innovation Part 1

PSFK has partnered with Tourism New Zealand to highlight New Zealand innovation and Peter Jackson's "Your Big Break" contest.

Dan Gould
  • 10 december 2009

PSFK has partnered with Tourism New Zealand to highlight New Zealand innovation and Peter Jackson’s “Your Big Break” contest.

If you dream of being a great filmmaker, this could be Your Big Break. Get started now at Write a screenplay for a 3-minute film that ‘captures the spirit of 100% Pure New Zealand, the youngest country on Earth’, and you could be one of five filmmakers to wing your way to NZ to have your short film produced by Lord of the Rings producer Barrie Osborne. The winning film will be selected by Peter Jackson and presented worldwide as part of 100% Pure New Zealand!


Using Their Right Hemisphere

Global aerospace, heavy plant and machinery manufacturers now have the opportunity to become more efficient and productive thanks to New Zealand’s Right Hemisphere.

Right Hemisphere’s software and solutions helps optimize critical business processes like marketing and customer support by integrating disparate product data readily available in their systems.

For example, photographs and videos of products can be very costly and inefficient to produce as they require a prototype or final assembly to be built first. As a result it delays getting their products to market as they have to wait until the end of the product design and development cycle before they can produce product literature.

Right Hemisphere links product design data from the companies systems so that marketers can create photo-realistic imagery and interactive product information. So, no matter how many times a product is reconfigured, the marketing content will always accurately reflect the design.


What Happens When You Mix Kiwifruit Pulp and Left-over Meat?

It takes a Kiwi to think of something this nutty. Mix left-over meat from abattoirs with unwanted kiwifruit pulp, dry the result, package it into a sachet and then send it to the world’s starving. Oh, and fund this by selling it at a premium to Californian body builders.

Ray Avery, a former pharmaceutical scientist, realised that children in developing countries die from not having enough energy to break down protein molecules. Proteinforte, one of Avery’s latest inventions ‘pre-digests’ protein molecules and also adds immunogenic peptides and small-and long-chain amino acids. Voilà: the nutrients of an entire chicken in a sachet the size of a teabag.

He then sells the same product to bodybuilders and endurance athletes for as much as US$25.

“What I like is the sexiness of the idea” says Avery, who works from his garage in Auckland. “I like that we can take products that we throw away and create something new”.

Avery has not only developed Proteinforte, but also an Intraocular Lens, a low-cost lense for cataracts and Acuset, a low-cost alternative to a syringe pump which he also sells to Californian mansion owners who use it to deliver chlorine to their spa pools.


Getting To Know Your Clothing Better…

Have you ever wondered where your clothing was made or where the fabric you’re wearing came from? New Zealand merino wool clothing company Icebreaker now allows their customers to trace their clothing back to the sheep stations in the Southern Alps of New Zealand – the finest merino region in the world.

By entering your unique ‘Baacode’ into the companies website, you can see the living conditions of the high country sheep that produced the merino fibre, meet the farmers themselves and have a peek at the production process from the cleaning of the wool straight through to how the garments are sewn.

“In the age of synthetics, we hope our clothing allows our customers to reconnect with nature” explains Jeremy Moon, Icebreaker’s founder and CEO.


More Reasons To Eat Ice Cream..

Cancer patients experiencing the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy may soon be able to combat these by enjoying a few scoops of ice cream a day, thanks to a joint project by Fonterra and the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

The strawberry ice cream called ReCharge is hoped to eliminate diarrhoea and anaemia, which are not only side effects of chemotherapy but can also interfere with the effectiveness of the cancer treatment.

Research has just begun on phase 2 of the clinical trials where Oncology centres throughout New Zealand will be taking part. It will be a year before the team will know whether the ice cream really is the sweet taste of success.


100 Pure New Zealand Innovation Part 1-123

Taking Art Off The Wall And Onto The Moving Body

The Montana World of Wearable Arts Awards is a breathtaking extravaganza which inspires and unites creative minds worldwide. Over 150 garments from New Zealand and around the world are showcased to compete for more than $150,000 in prize money. The shows, held in Wellington, New Zealand with audiences of over 35,000, are a long way from their humble beginnings of promoting a rural Nelson art gallery. The end result is far more than a fashion show, more than an art exhibition, more than an awards ceremony – it has been described as ‘Mardi Gras meets Haute Couture at a Peter Gabriele concert directed by Salvador Dali.’

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