Accessories Refashioned from Reclaimed Vinyl Records

Accessories Refashioned from Reclaimed Vinyl Records

WrecordsByMonkey designs handmade accessories refashioned from reclaimed vinyl records.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 21 december 2009

WrecordsByMonkey designs handmade accessories refashioned from reclaimed vinyl records.  The keychains, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings take their inspiration from NYC and music icons, and are designed to relate to music lovers of every generation.

Founders Patrick Chirico and Brian Farrell started WrecordsByMonkey in 2004. Both have degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology—Chirico in fashion design and Farrell in fine arts.  They started making the record bracelets in the hallway of their dorm, hand drawing their unique graphics directly on the records. Since then, they’ve developed their own innovative manufacturing process and operate out of their studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  They’ve made over 60,000 record bracelets, and created thousands of designs – selling in about 20 states to date.

Wrecords by Monkey are showcasing their wares at the Gifted holiday market on East 4th Street and Lafayette in NYC.  Gifted is an offshoot of the Brooklyn Flea – a temporary market catering to holiday shoppers.  The curated pop-up shop is open from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and offers designs from great vintage and local vendors.

The pop-up shop phenomenon is clearly still going strong – particularly this holiday retail season – with these temporary retail locations becoming less of a trend and more of a permanent retail strategy.  By taking advantage of possibly lower rents at unique spaces on a temporary basis, retailers and local designers are able to showcase their merchandise to a larger audience during a time or occasion of high demand.  Once the season (and need for higher inventory levels) is over, away go the shops – hopefully with fewer wares in stock, and higher awareness/revenue to show for it.

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