Clairvoyant: A Psychic Retail Experience

Clairvoyant: A Psychic Retail Experience

Starting tonight, and running all weekend, the "clairvoyant" retail experiment at 303 Grand will take pop up retail to a whole new level.

Jon Lombardo
  • 10 december 2009

Starting tonight, and running all weekend, the “clairvoyant” retail experiment at 303 Grand will take pop up retail to a whole new level.

Subports, an SMS purchasing system is presenting a shop of unique gifts that will be wrapped up so that buyers won’t know what’s inside. An on-site psychic will help shoppers decide what gift will be most appropriate.

Watch a video below about the event:

PSFK had a chat with Subports founder Karl Conrad, to find out more about his company.

Tell us a little about Subports ?

We support independent artists, designers and retailers.

We are a group of friends who work with people we admire to expand what we can do together.

We use some common elements – technology, retailing, communication- and follow our ideas to where commerce and people intersect.

At the core of Subports is our “text-to-buy” functionality that works with any phone that can send text messages.

1) You register your phone, credit card and shipping address with our service.

2) Text the subcode of a product you want to buy to 767825 (that spells PORTAL on your keypad)

3) We will confirm the order with you, charge your CC on file, and ship you the goods.


The “big deal” about our service is the subcodes themselves — they are simply the descriptive name of the product.

Want to buy a handmade wallet from our friends at Alter? The subcode is “alterwalletbrown”.

With subcodes any communication medium be it the side of a blimp or a note passed in English class can become a point of sale.

2. What has been the most interesting response or reaction to Subports ?

Old people LOVE Subports.

3. Can you explain what Clairvoyant is to our readers ? How did you come up with the idea for Clairvoyant ?

Clairvoyant is a solution/problem excercise. The holidays were already looming, you’re at a loss of what

to get for someone near and dear. What to do?? Well OF COURSE you visit a psychic and have them choose the gift!! You know,

its like the right tool for the job. The wonderful thing is, when you’re dealing with a gift selector who can actually see the big

picture you can give someone a gift that they initially don’t like at all, but then unforeseen circumstances coalesce to transform

the gift into something vital. Really, you just never know when you’ll need a pair of shoes made of bread…

4. The use of technology is interesting — what is something else that you look forward to being able to do in the future using technologies?

We look forward to being able to sing your order and it being delivered by stagecoach.

5. What other projects are you inspired by right now ?

Everyone we work with. We have some exceedingly creative people around us who we are truly grateful to be involved with. (you can name

check anyone from the show — (I love Aaron Linn, Vena Cava (god, their blog!!), R&E Praspaliauskas) OH, and I really want to do something

with these guys

6. What are some of the things that you are looking forward to in 2010 ?

We’re talking with Judith (our clairvoyant) about that.

Thanks Karl!


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