Crafting With Indulgence Packaging

Crafting With Indulgence Packaging
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The products themselves might not be good for you but others are finding creative reuses for the packaging.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 4 december 2009

Two examples of people creating crafts with the leftover packaging of indulgence items (tobacco, beer, soda) caught our eye this week.

Sandy Anderson from Hamiliton, New Zealand creates some amazing model cars from aluminum cans. He wanted to continue to use his skills as a draftsman in some way and his passion for custom automobiles.

We all have drinks from cans and invariably throw them away. Some may not care, others may care but not know what to do with them, others care enough to recycle them through local recycling schemes.

I have always religiously recycled but often spent time looking at the graphics on the can and looking at the shape of the bottom thinking “That could make a really cool wheel”. After having an accident which left me with some time to use, I decided to put pencil to paper and try and make a racing car using the bottoms of cans as its wheels, and the graphics as the decoration for the body.

Sandy’s attention to detail is amazing both in the technical drawings and the final models. He offers plans for sale for those brave enough to attempt a build.

Atomic Birdhouses seeks out used cigar boxes as raw materials. They handmake each birdhouse with vintage packaging and like Sandy, try to incorporate the graphics into the final design. Recycled wood is also used in the construction and the pieces are finished with Poly-Soy, a bio-based finish that protects the birdhouses from water and UV damage.

Can Cars [via jalopnik]
Atomic Birdhouses [via design-milk]

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