"Tomorrow's Weather" is a data sculpture that forecasts the weather.

A recently completed sculptural work by Bigert & Bergström changes color based on the next day’s weather, letting viewers know what’s in store.

The “Tomorrow’s Weather” data sculpture is seven stories high, and sits inside media company Aller’s headquarters in Copenhagen. Data from the Danish Meteorological Institute feeds the piece.

Bigert & Bergström explain:

Tomorrow’s Weather extends its two arches made up of over 60 molecular globes, forming a double helix. As the globes change colour they make up a visual representation of tomorrow’s weather forecast thereby letting a interior landscape of structured lights take form as a premonition of tomorrow. Tomorrow’s Weather weaves together the technology of modern day society with one of nature’s most basic expressions, the weather, and in doing so constitutes a work of art who’s elaborate visual expression remains forever changing, capturing the volatile nature of our climate and our future.

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