Good Magazine presented an evening of NY design firms and local agencies partnered address urban problems and show creative solutions.

The second Good Design Event was held at the Nau pop-up store last week. The evenings’ agenda was to feature creative solutions by local design firms that addressed a problem posed by urban leaders from government, non-profits and civic organizations. The designers had a short amount of time to develop their ideas. The work presented ranged from humorous to concepts that were ready to execute. PSFK took in all  the presentations and we’ve put together a summary of each.

The AIA of NY asked Jake Barton of Local Projects to look at ways of encouraging more people to use bicycles as a transportation alternative in NYC. Jake identified two problems that have inhibited more people from biking to work. The first is sweat. Jake looked to a successful initiative in Japan called CoolBiz which raised the temperature in government office buildings and encouraged people to wear short sleeve shirts. The program allowed people to feel cooler and adopt biking to work and also saved energy in the cooling of the buildings. The second problem was to improve safety in the city for biking. Jake discovered statistics that showed increased bicycle commuter numbers translated to less accidents with motor vehicles (greater numbers of bikers become more visible). His solution is to retrofit the new bike shelters with data gathering and display technology that would deliver safety information. Data would be gathered via a cellphone app riders could download to map their rides and aggregate data. Information could be displayed to non-riders showing carbon savings, safety statistics, and could even pair riders with similar commutes.

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