Pitchfork released their list of the worst album covers of 2009. Inspiration from music - and from the sometimes ill-suited artwork that accompanies it.

An actual record collection may elude many of us in the time of mobile, digital music libraries and viewing your iTunes library in album cover flow mode – but album art is still something to admire, place on a pedestal and dissect for meaning. In the spirit of ubiquitous end of year “best and worst of” lists, Pitchfork has released their list of the worst album covers of 2009 (independent of the music they serve as the prelude to). According to Pitchfork,

There are album covers that are illuminating works in their own right, covers that reveal hidden depths to the music inside, and covers that advance the state of the graphic designer’s art. And then there are these 20. Our annual tradition highlighting the worst cover art of the year– goofy, offensive, amateurish, and puzzling, it’s all here– continues with the dregs of 2009. Not safe for people at work or those prone to nausea.

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