PSFK talks to Jake Bronstein about his successful Bucky Balls toy.

For an uncomplicated magnetic toy, BuckyBalls have caught a lot of press attention for being one of “the gifts” of this season – even the Wired store is selling it in NYC. We thought we’d talk to Jake Bronstein, the man behind the idea, to see how he made a simple idea a big success.

Buckyballs seem to be the ‘surprise’ hit of the season. Can you describe what they are?

“Buckyballs: The Amazing Magnetic Toy You Can’t Put Down’ is a set of 216, powerful, rare earth magnets that can do just about anything!” That’s the sell line. It’s hard to explain beyond that without seeing them in action, but basically you can make shapes that snap together and around each other in fun ways, or just kneed them in your hand while you do other things.

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