Instead of a large central display, the Chicago Cubs are toying with the idea of letting fans use smartphones to access instant replays and statistics in real time.

Every Major Professional Sports team in the United States uses Jumbotron technology to stream real time play and show replays except one — the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs, a Major League Baseball team, are the last team without the ubiquitous Jumbrotron technology used to show replays inside stadiums.

This would lead you to believe that the Cubs are likely to put in a Jumbotron at Wrigley Field. However, the Cubs are among a number of baseball teams toying with the idea of allowing fans to use smartphones — their own personal jumbotrons — to check instant replays and statistics in real time. Major League Baseball continues to be in the vanguard of sports leagues using technology to bring (and charge) fans for game content through the Internet and mobile phones. It is interesting to see this trend now percolate out to teams as well.

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