PSFK talked to interactive Artist Brett Balog to get his insights on the future of art and technology.

PSFK has been talking with artists and innovators that we’ve covered over the past year to get their insight on the future of art and technology.

Brett Ian Balogh is an artist working at the intersection of objects, sounds and spaces. PSFK covered his work Noospheric Atlas of the United States, which uses algorithmic logic to filter, define and visualizes relationships between television and radio.

What projects or ideas are currently inspiring your work?

I take my inspiration from many areas, including nature and current trends in science, technology, architecture and art as well as their histories. I work at the intersection of objects, sounds and spaces. My current practice employs sound, radio and digital fabrication technologies to re-imagine traditional notions of space and our placement within. Central to my practice is the idea of model making. The model is a layer of abstraction between us and the world. This layer is a liminal space between object and image, atoms and bits, landscapes and maps, and sounds and signals. It is in this layer that sounds can become mountains, and radio broadcasts maps. The use of digital technologies in concert with traditional modes of representation and construction can afford unique cross-overs between the real and intangible that represent models of other possible worlds.

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