PSFK talked with Kevin Dresser to get his thoughts on the future of design and technology.

PSFK has been talking with artists and innovators that we have covered over the last year to get their insight on the future of design and technology.

Earlier this year, two graphic designers in Williamsburg Brooklyn who make up the DresserJohnson design firm created Brooklyn Bunny– a live action webcam featuring Roebling– a white dwarf rabbit. PSFK recently talked to Brooklyn Bunny co-founder Kevin Dresser about the project.

What projects or ideas are currently inspiring your work?

We are currently working on some more product ideas for Brooklyn Bunny. We are working on some more apparel graphics and some promotional pieces. Our inspiration comes from many places. We are big fans of non-objective art. So our graphics tend to be minimal. We recently asked several artists to contribute a work of art based on Brooklyn Bunny. In return, we now have some amazing pieces to use as promotional goodies. Everything from photos, to monoprints, digital art to a full blown oil painting of Roebling.

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