PSFK talks with artist Mark Langan to get insight on the future of art and technology.

PSFK has been talking with artists and innovators that we’ve covered over the past year to get their insight on the future of art and technology.

Artist Mark Langan has figured out a beautiful way of reusing corrugated cardboard as a medium for his artworks. Using only found cardboard, non-toxic glue and cutting tools,Langan creates intricate three dimensional pieces that recontextualize the unique qualities of the different kinds of packing materials into new meanings.

Langan’s work has been commissioned for projects looking to draw upon the medium’s innovate and green-minded use of materials, including Ripley’s Entertainment, Mars M&M, (much of his artwork is comprised primarily from the use of M&M candy and kitchen cabinet boxes), and DavidArquette’s PROPR line of clothing.

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